About Growth VA

Growth Virtual Assistance was started to offer virtual assistance for home service businesses and owner operators in the trades.  After getting started, it was clear that in order to outsource successfully or hire an in house administrator, processes needed to be created or developed that may not yet be established.

The focus of Growth VA is now on building a strong foundation for home service businesses to grow upon using simple repeatable processes and systems, administrative and CRM training, and automation 

About Janine

"I am Passionate About Helping Small Business Owners"

Working with small businesses is a huge part of who I am.  I have spent years working in home services and trades as both an employee and fellow small business owner. 

I have worked with several industries including landscaping, snow removal, residential and commercial cleaning, HVAC, welding & fabrication, pest control, and other industries.  This experience and the ability to see the “bigger picture” allows me to help small businesses create a strong base to grow upon. 

I am passionate about helping small business owners and the home service industry is going through a very big shift, home owners are changing. Today’s home owner has different needs, expectations, and communicate differently than past homeowners.

My goal is to help businesses manage these drastic shifts using  Jobber and the implementation of simple procedures.  Let me show you how to utilize outsourcing in your business and how to implement simple, repeatable processes to offer the customer service today’s customer expects.

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