How It Works

Step 1 - Introduce Yourself

I can’t wait to hear about your business and what you hope to achieve working with me. 

Once recieved I will review your answers and send you a proposal to get started if we are a fit to work together.

Step 2 - Proposal Of Services

After you have shared your needs with me, I will create a custom proposal of services that would benefit your business.  


Review your customized service proposal outlining recommended or requested services for your business.


If you would like to move forward with my services the proposal and terms and conditions can be signed.


All services are prepaid, once payment has processed we can get started! All major credit cards are accepted and EMT is available for Canadian residents.

Step 3 - Let's Get Started!

For Jobber Setups – An initial call is required to get all of the fine details of your setup.

What We Cover In Jobber

Jobber is an amazing, client focused CRM.  My goal is to help you fully implement the program and utilize all of the tools and automation it offers you and your customers.  No matter what level of service or package you choose, you will leave more informed and onto saving time and money!


This feature alone will change your business if utilized properly and it allows you to collect leads around the clock.


I will teach you how to use and schedule on-site assessments effectively and get the most out of your client notifications.


Sales are often missed or money is lost by inconsistent and complicated quotes. I will show you how to set them for success.

Client Customization

Have the information you need at your fingertips in office or in the field from day one with custom fields. Custom fields are reportable and helpful for tracking important info.

Job Set Ups

Jobber has two main job setups that can be used in several different ways to reach your desired scheduling and billing needs. Subscription services are my specialty.

Visit Schedules & Updates

Depending on the services you offer, or how many techs you have, I can help you nail down your scheduling practices and filters.

Invoicing & Payments

Jobber makes invoicing very easy but there are a few areas of improvement most business owners can benefit from. My goal is to have your billing take minutes a day, not hours.


With Jobbers customizable notification templates you can drastically reduce the number of calls you recieve day to day. Your client will get the information the need from every text and email they receive.


Integrations make life and business easier, I can help you decide on integrations as well as integrate them. QBO, Nicejob, Mailchimp, Report Scheduler and more.

Are you ready to master Jobber In your Business?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions that I get about Jobber and the services I provide to my clients.  If you have any questions on the services I offer please don’t hesitate to send me an email

Jobber support is fantastic and I encourage you to utilize support before paying for my service. 

I bring years of field experience with Jobber as an office manager, dispatcher, end user, and virtual assistant across several industries.  I have worked with landscaping, hardscaping, HVAC, electrical, cleaners, irrigation, chimney sweeping, painters, pest control, window washers, property maintenance and I am always wanting to learn about a new industry.   

Not at all! Jobber is one of the most turnkey softwares out there and their support is unmatched.  If you are the “not techy” type Jobber is the easiest software you could implement in your business.

My service isn’t about your ability, it is about your availability and the value of your time. 

Business owners that use my service, choose to do so for three reasons

  • They don’t have time, most of my clients are still working in the field and too busy to get the system set up with confidence
  • They are nervous to jump in alone because they have never used a CRM or haven’t worked in an administrative field
  • They want to make sure Jobber is fully utilized, properly implemented, and optimized for how they do business 

I aim to have setups done within 4 weeks.  I can have most businesses up and running very quickly when business owners make time for the process and send the material required for the setup.  Setups are best completed during “off season” or “shoulder seasons” in your business. 

Absolutely!  When I work with a business on Jobber set up, it includes my full Jobber training program.  

I want to make sure that Jobber works as hard as you do in your business and isn’t going to make your life easier during and after the implementation process. 

Audits and action plans vary depending on the size of your business and complexity of your operations.

Ideally the consultation process would be 1-2 business days of review and information collection.  Action plans are typically issued within 2-3 business days for most businesses.

Action plans work through the entire Jobber workflow, job life cycle and customer experience.  You will recieve recommendations and action items to easily manage your business with Jobber. 

Components of the plan include requests, assessments, quotes, deposits, job set ups, visits & scheduling, invoicing, payments, notification templates, and integrations.

Implementation of the action plan is the responsibility of the business owner.

Prepaid hourly virtual assistance bundles are available to provide done with you implementation and temporary assistance to test and fine tune the processes being implemented. 

Once administration and processes have been streamlined your processes will be easy to hire for or outsource if needed.

Training is recommended for owner operators and/or key administrative team members to learn the workflow from start to finish.  

All training sessions are recorded to be used for internal training purposes and visual operating practices are also available for an additional charge.

Training of field staff, in-house administrators, or virtual assistants may be done one-on-one via zoom or as pre-recorded sessions at an hourly rate based on the training time required. 

Jobber Training includes up to 5 hours of one-on-one zoom meetings.

The participant will share their screen and we will work through the entire workflow, app and possible integrations in one hour sessions. 

This style of training gives the participant the muscle memory of completing the process themselves.  All training sessions are recorded so they may be viewed later.  

If questions come up during training they are answered immediately and adjustments to the training can be made to incorporate into the workflow.

A work at your own pace course is in development for the DIY’ers out there. 

Written operating practices are available for an additional charge.  At your request I can provide all Jobber procedures for both the desktop and app using visual step-by-step pdfs

Your success with my service is incredibly important. 

Your investment in an action plan or training package is something I want to see utilized as much as you do.  To help you get things done,  I offer prepaid hourly virtual assitance bundles to get you caught up to where you can handle workload internally or outsource to a freelancer.

The assistance I offer is temporary to ensure that the processes and recommendations will work for you and your business before we finish working together. 

After things are caught up and working for you the expecation is that the tasks be performed inhouse, remotely, or assigned to another VA.

I recommend searching the free Virtual Assistant and Freelancer Directory  at Home Service Pro VA.  All contractors listed on the directory are located in the US & Canada and pay to have their businesses verified as well as maintain their listing. 

Chances are you have put a lot of time & money into trying to make Jobber work for your business.  I don’t want to see anyone waste that investment.  I believe Jobber can not only work for your business, but can transform it when customized to what you do and used correctly.

My 1-on-1 online training program is completed through zoom and you work through the workflow with my assistance. 

The program is a mix of education, recommendation, and implementation, and I haven’t yet worked with a business that moved on to leave Jobber after the training. 

The Jobber training investment is far less than the cost of moving to a new CRM and definitely worth considering before making the switch.

While I do offer free calls to review complex proposals or a quick meet and greet before signing, I no longer offer free discovery calls. 

This decision was not an easy one.  Connecting with my clients is my favourite part of the process but my time, like yours, is valuable and billable.  After several last minute cancellations and no shows I have had to discontinue the practice of the free call. 

Questions about my service are always welcome through email or my request form. 

Master The Jobber Workflow At Your Own Pace

Self Guided Jobber Training

This training is guaranteed to make you and your team more proficient with Jobber, minimize time spent on admin, increase lead conversion, and create loyal lifetime customers with Jobbers built in customer service tools and integrations.

Training includes:

  • Jobber Work Request

  • Jobber On-Site Assessments

  • Jobber Quotes

  • Jobber One-Off Jobs

  • Jobber Recurring Jobs

  • Jobber Communication Settings

  • Jobber Invoicing

  • Jobber Follow Ups

  • Jobber Reports

  • Jobber Scheduling

  • Jobber Routing

  • Jobber Timesheets

  • Jobber General Settings

  • Jobber Integrations

  • Jobber Forms