How It works

Step 1 - let's meet

Let’s have a free 30 minute intro phone call or Zoom meeting to discuss your business and where you need help.  If I can help I will share my service recommendations and offer to send you a proposal of services.

Step 2 - The Proposal

Your custom proposal will include the services discussed during our call, an agreement to work together (see details of the agreement here), invoice, and option to pay.

This is done to prevent a lot of back and forth single step emails and processes.  I hope to instill the same level of efficiency in your home service business too! 

All services are prepaid. 

Choose Your Services

Choose your service and the document will update with your selection in the agreement and invoice that follow.

Review & Sign

The attached service agreement covers what you can expect from the service, what is included, how to cancel, confideniality etc.

Make Payment

As soon as payment is made we can start the process! All major credit cards are accepted and EMT is available for Canadian residents.

Step 3 - Let's Get Started!

After payment has been received and the agreement has been signed, we can get started with on-boarding and scheduling of initial consultation meetings or training appointments.

I can Help You Master Jobber

Jobber is an amazing, client focused CRM.  My goal is to help you fully implement the program and utilize all of the tools and automation it offers you and your customers. 


This feature alone will change your business if utilized properly and it allows you to collect leads around the clock.


I will teach you how to use and schedule on-site assessments effectively and get the most out of your client notifications.


Sales are often missed or money is lost by inconsistent and complicated quotes. I will show you how to set them for success.

Client Customization

Have the information you need at your fingertips in office or in the field from day one with custom fields.

Job Set Ups

Jobber has two main job setups that can be used in several different ways. I'm talking to you, landscapers!

Visit Schedules & Updates

Depending on the services you offer, or how many techs you have, nailing down your scheduling is a must

Invoicing & Payments

Jobber makes invoicing very easy but there are a few areas of improvement most business owners can benefit from here.


With Jobbers customizable notification templates you can drastically reduce the number of calls you recieve day to day.


Integrations make life and business easier, I can help you decide on integrations as well as integrate them.

Are you ready to master Jobber In your Business?

Book a free 30 minute call with me to see if my service is right for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions that I get about Jobber and the services I provide to my clients.  If you have any questions on the services I offer please don’t hesitate to send me an email or book a free call.

Absolutely! Jobber is one of the most turnkey softwares out there and their support is unmatched. 

My service isn’t about ability, it is about convenience and time.  Businesses or business owners that use my service are too busy to get the system implemented properly, would like to do it quickly, are nervous about getting started, or consider themselves “not techy”.  

If you are the “not techy” type Jobber is the easiest software you could implement in your business.

Jobber support is fantastic and I encourage all of my clients to use support when and where they can before paying for my service. 

Where my service differs is the years of field experience with Jobber as an office manager, dispatcher, end user, and virtual assistant across several industries.  

Consultations vary depending on the size of your business or how many key employees will need to be interviewed.  

Ideally the consultation process would be 1-2 business days of review and information collection.  An action plan would be issued within 1 week or 5 business days.

Action plans work through the entire Jobber workflow and recommendations on implementation.  Components of the plan include requests, assessments, quotes, deposits, job set ups, visits & scheduling, invoicing, payments, notification templates, and integrations.

Implementation of the action plan is the responsibility of the business owner.

Prepaid hourly virtual assistance is available to provide done with you implementation and temporary virtual assistance to test and fine tune the processes implemented. 

Training on your action plan implementation or recommendations is included for yourself or another key staff member as part of the service. 

Training of field staff, in-house administrators, or virtual assistants may be done one-on-one via zoom or as pre-recorded sessions at an additional cost. 

Written operating practices are available for an additional charge.  At your request I can provide all Jobber procedures and setups to be used in your business as an editable Google Document or Microsoft Word based on your preference.

Absolutely!  If you want to learn the ins and outs of Jobber or learn some advanced Jobber settings, training is available as a stand alone service.

Training is also available for admin staff, office managers, dispatchers, or anyone else on your team that would benefit.  

Training on the full workflow takes approximately 5 hours and is best retained if completed within 1-2 weeks.

In order to help my clients implement their action plans and recommended processes I offer prepaid hourly virtual assitance bundles. 

The virtual assistance I offer is temporary to ensure that the processes and recommendations will work for you and your business before handing over the reigns back to yourself, an in-office administrator, or virtual assistant. 

As much as I would love to serve absolutely everyone I am unable to take on any on-going virtual assitance clients at this time. 

I have created a directory of vetted virtual assistants to choose from at Home Service Pro VA

Chances are you have put a lot of time & money into trying to make Jobber work for your business.  I don’t want to see anyone waste that investment.  I believe Jobber can not only work for but can transform your business when it is used correctly.

My 1-on-1 online training program is very hands on and only 5 hours total training time.  The investment is less than the cost of transferring over to and learning a new CRM.