Jobber Maintenance Plan Setups

How to Set Up A Maintenance Plan In Jobber

Maintenance plans have a place in almost every trades business and they are very simple to set up in Jobber. 

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Why you should consider offering maintenance plans & subscription services:

They also keep you connected with your customers so you are top of mind when they need help or a friend needs a referral.  

Maintenance plans may be a low ticket price but they keep you in your customers homes regularly and can often be performed during slow times.

Having a scheduled maintenance plan sets a standard for your customers on how to care for their investment.  This is appreciated by the customer and shows you have their best interest in mind. 

If your business offers a maintenance program that is uncommon in your trade you will become an easy choice for customers

Maintenance plans in Jobber can be set to automatically renew with Jobber Payments.  This means hassle free renewals or monthly admin work for you and one less thing to worry about for your customer. 

90 Minute Jobber Strategy Call

If you only need a little help with Jobber this call might be all you need to reach your goals.

If you need some inspiration I can help you strategize what Jobber can do for you

If you have a Jobber "Wish List" lets make it happen.

Calls are recorded and sent within 2 business days with any supporting documents and recommendations mentioned in the call.

One-On-One Jobber Training

Master your Jobber account with one-on-one Jobber training over zoom. Jobber training is recommended for anyone that uses Jobber for day to operations of the business such as sales, dispatching, billing, and team management.


If you need help getting caught up with a Jobber Cleanup as part of your action plan or after a busy season I offer virtual assistance to complete clean ups and other action plan items on a temporary/hourly basis
Tasks may include:

Jobber Audit & Action Plan

A Jobber Audit includes an in depth look into how you are currently using Jobber. I will look to see if you could better implement Jobber for the work that you do and find ways to streamline your daily administrative tasks within Jobber.

Master The Jobber Workflow At Your Own Pace

Self Guided Jobber Training

This training is guaranteed to make you and your team more proficient with Jobber, minimize time spent on admin, increase lead conversion, and create loyal lifetime customers with Jobbers built in customer service tools and integrations.

Training includes:

  • Jobber Work Request

  • Jobber On-Site Assessments

  • Jobber Quotes

  • Jobber One-Off Jobs

  • Jobber Recurring Jobs

  • Jobber Communication Settings

  • Jobber Invoicing

  • Jobber Follow Ups

  • Jobber Reports

  • Jobber Scheduling

  • Jobber Routing

  • Jobber Timesheets

  • Jobber General Settings

  • Jobber Integrations

  • Jobber Forms