Jobber QBO Sync With New Quickbooks Account

How To Sync An Existing Jobber Account & New QBO Account Successfully

If you are reading this post I am very, very excited for you!  I know you are freaking out and very likely struggling with leaving Simply Accounting or another bookkeeping software you have been working with. 


Before we get started, I am a Jobber Superfan and  a Jobber Partner BUT first and foremost I am a numbers obsessed, OCD former bookkeeping employee that insists a businesses books be in perfect harmony.  There is truly nothing more rewarding to me than matching numbers and knowing my numbers.

I have also worked with Quickbooks Desktop, Quickbooks Online, Simply Accounting, Wave, I am sure there is others I have tried but I think you get the point.

If you are someone that has held back from moving to Quickbooks Online and letting a CRM do your invoicing for you, I completely get it.  Change is hard but so is doubling your workload every billing cycle…choose your hard…

The horror stories I see on Facebook and other forums are truly terrifying but there are a few reasons behind those complaints:

The Jobber sync used to not be that great (sorry Jobber) it is much, much better now.  Common problems from when the sync was intially implemented have been ironed out and improved.

The businesses with the biggest problems usually did their own books with little to no formal bookkeeping experience.  No shade to the self learners out there, I myself learned by doing and only took an intro to accounting 5 years after starting to help with the books.  

They were sharing the advise of an advisor, bookkeeper, or accountant that hadn’t worked with the online software or weren’t willing to work with the online software.

They didn’t understand the terminology workflow or concepts that are only seen in the online version of QBO like “undeposited funds”.

Lastly and most importantly is CONSISTENCY & STRATEGY.  Jobber should be used just like your accounting software, if you are winging every line item and customizing every quote line item, job line item, you are really not going to love the sync.  

If you want to make life easier and SUBSTANTIALLY lower your bookeeping time keep reading on how to find success connecting the two softwares.  If you do implement your sync successfully please let me know! 

Without further adieu here is the information you came for!

How To Sync An Existing Jobber Account With A New QBO Account

Set Up Your QBO Account

I am not going to walk you through this process because I am not familiar with your business, accounting practices, charts of accounts etc. but I can definitely recommend some great bookkeepers and pro advisors that can help you with the process.

Connect Your QBO Account to Jobber

Quickbooks Online App In Jobber | Jobber SyncClick on “Apps” on the home screen and find the Quickbooks Online App.  

Click “Connect” to open the QBO App and sync settings.

Tip: If you are helping another business set up their account make sure you are signed out of all other QBO accounts before proceeding. 

Follow the prompts to connect to the appropriate Quickbooks account. 


Syncing Jobber And QBO Online Accounts


If you have moved all of your past information from another accounting software it may be best to contact Jobber support. to walk you through this process.  If your Jobber account is the only place that has up to date client information, invoices, and products and services, pricing etc.  You can absolutely sync Jobber customer info over to your new QBO account but if you are moving from another software, you may want to skip the sync all together depending on the information you have moved over to to Quickbooks.   

If you have been using Jobber for a while and your clients need to be cleaned up due to duplicate accounts or addresses on single accounts it is likely easier to use a cleaned up CSV file to import your customers into QBO.  If you want some tips on how to prevent duplicate addresses in Jobber see that here.

When you start processing invoices in Jobber it will push client information over to QBO and it should connect if the information is the same. 

If Jobber does create a client in QBO that is already in the system, you will receive an error in your sync.  the customer may be combined using the “merge customer” option in QBO.   Monitoring and testing is really important during the first month of syncing, however if you are starting with a fresh quickbooks online account you should not have many issues. 

Products & Services

If you have been using Jobber for some time but have not used it for invoicing you should be able to sync your products and services over from QBO to Jobber.

If you have some products in services in Jobber already you could have Jobber Support reset your products and services to start with a clean slate or the new synced products and services will just be added to the existing products and services contained in Jobber.


If you have invoicing in Jobber and manually entering the invoices into QBO, you will not want to push your past invoices from Jobber.  

If you haven’t been invoicing in Jobber ensure that your invoice number is a continuation from your current quickbooks number to ensure there is no overlap between the two softwares which will cause syncing errors.  This is discussed in detail below.

Inputting Initial Balances In Jobber

If you have not been invoicing in Jobber prior to the sync you will need to set an intial balance on your customers.  Balances do not pass back and forth between the softwares only invoice numbers line items and invoice totals. 

The initial balance is manually entered on the client profile under “Billing History”

This should be done immediately before making the switch to billing using Jobber to ensure that the account balance matches your quickbooks account.

Setting A Starting Invoice Number

If you are connecting Jobber to an existing QBO account you must update the invoice number to a number that has not been used in QBO.

Jobber starts all numbering from 1.  A good practice is starting at 1000 which is what most QBO accounts are started at.  If you start your Jobber invoicing at 1 and QBO was started at 1000 you will have issues once you reach the 1000th invoice. 

Tip: Give yourself some wiggle room.  For example if you are at invoice 451 when making the switch to Jobber Invoicing start your invoices at 500.  There always seems to be the need to invoice something in QBO while making the switch or if you have a large customer base making the switch can be a handful for some businesses.  Share this lapse with your bookkeeper or accountant to ensure they understand where those 50 invoices went. 

Jobber Payments Chart of Account Set Up

If you are using the new Jobber sync (which works substantially better than the old sync) you may have to update your chart of accounts in QBO.  The new sync separates your payouts and syncs the money to its designated accounts.  If you have switched to the new sync or have synced Jobber to QBO and are showing payout errors this is likely the cause.  See my QBO trouble shooting guide.

Accounts For Allocation

Jobber Payments Choose the income account you would like your payouts to record to.  This is typically the account you have set to receive the Jobber Payments. 

Jobber Fees Expense Account Jobber now separates the fees from the payout and allocates it to the expense account of your choice.  If you would like your Jobber fees separated from other fees you pay set up an account named Jobber Fees 

Undistributed Tips Account Even if you don’t collect tips from your customers or you don’t have the feature turned on in Jobber it is best to proactively set up this account to prevent errors in the future should one of your customers leave one for you or your team.  Where you set up this account within your Chart of Accounts will depend on your individual business and your process for processing and paying out tips.  

If you already have accounts for these types of transactions you can choose the accounts from the drop down menus in the Jobber QBO set up.

Errors that may show after the sync

Unique Client Name Error In Jobber

If you have never synced your Jobber and QBO before this should not be an issue.  If you synced in the past, turned off the sync and then turned it back on, Jobber and QBO may have trouble mapping clients between the software.   If this is the case you may have to edit the Jobber client name, retry the push and if the client goes over successfully, merge the new client with the existing client in QBO.

Invoice Couldn't Push To Quickbooks Error

Most times an invoice won’t push to QBO you will also see that the client couldn’t push to QBO.  Once you fix your client issue, retry the invoice and it should send.  If it doesn’t it may be a numbering error which will need to be investigated.  If the error says “unknown” it may have just timed out and retrying the sync will usually clear the error. 

Payment Couldn't Push To Quickbooks Error

Most times a payment not syncing is related to the invoice not syncing.  The sync works in order Client -> Invoice ->Payment ->Payout if the payment doesn’t push you need to work your way up the line to fix the original problem and retry the sync. 

This issue can also be in an issue of the payment having no where to push to.  If the payments aren’t directed to an income account in QBO it will show an error.  Make sure your settings indicate where you want the payment to push.  Non credit card or ACH payments will automatically deposit to “undeposited funds” in QBO to avoid duplicate or incorrect deposits in QBO

Payout Couldn't Push To Quickbooks Error

Most times a payout isn’t syncing it is related to the client or invoice not syncing to QBO.  The sync works in order Client -> Invoice ->Payment ->Payout if the payment doesn’t push you need to work your way up the line to fix the original problem and retry the sync. 

The other issue can be not having your payout accounts set properly in the Jobber sync settings. There must be an account chosen for the payout, fees, and tips.  If you haven’t set the accounts, you will need to choose where you would like the funds to go in quickbooks.  You may need to add the two accounts into your chart of accounts called “Jobber Fees” and “Undeposited Tips”.  Once your accounts have been set in the Jobber QBO Sync settings retry the transactions and they should clear. 

Tax Errors In Jobber

By far the biggest struggle for home service businesses using Jobber is tax rates.  There are a few errors that may pop up here once you start invoicing in Jobber.

Tax Names Not Matching If your tax rate is not named the same in Jobber as it is in QBO you will get a Warning.  Warnings indicate that your invoice was pushed through but that it didn’t look exactly like it would in QBO.  Warnings can and should be ignored if it is regarding the NAME of a tax. 

If you are in the United States and your product is taxable, it is best to set up a single flat tax rate for your products in Jobber named “State/County/City Tax” this will give you the correct invoice total in Jobber which is all that pushes over to QBO.

Invoice Totals Not Matching If you take only one thing from this article let it be this… Jobber processes tax rates differently than QBO.  

If you use a single flat percentage rate for taxes in Jobber you will always get the correct invoice total to push to QBO.  This method will give you the warning about tax names not matching which can be ignored.  All can be ignored at once however make sure to check your sync errors often to ensure any other issues are tended to first.

If you create tax groups with multiple tax rates in Jobber, Jobber will add all tax rates to invoice SEPARATELY which will give you rounding discrepancies in QBO 100% of the time.  The naming error will go away but your account balances will NEVER match which will have to be manually fixed in QBO and that isn’t fun.  

Important Advice Moving Forward

The Jobber to QBO sync can save your business a ton of time and effort and eliminate errors if it is used properly but there are a few things to remember:

Monitor Your Bookkeeping

Monitoring Is Important! This is especially true when you are syncing two existing databases together.  This scenario is the one to have the most potential errors but it is completely manageable.  

If you have a large database in both softwares make this switch at the tailend of your season when invoicing has slowed to work out any issues that may arise.  The work can be done in the off season but should be tested before you fully ramp up and have the time to deal with the problems. 

Once the initial syncing and testing is done and the errors have subsided the QBO sync should be monitored regularly.  The frequency depends on the amount of invoices you push out of Jobber per day.

If you only monitor Jobber or you only look at QBO you won’t see the whole picture.  If you have 5000 customers and 40 invoices are sent a day it is very important to stay on top of your QBO notifications in Jobber. 

These notifications may seem out of hand when you first start syncing but once you have the connection straightened out with your past clients and balances it should be smooth sailing from there with the odd warning or error.  

Even if you aren’t in your accounting software daily or even weekly set a task on the calendar to check in both Jobber and QBO to see if your balances match. This task could also be given to an administrator or bookkeeper. 

Use Existing Products & Services

When I work with my clients I will look at the number of products and services they have in their actual products and services and compare that to the report of products and services that have been invoiced over the last year.  

I always find the same thing….

# of Products and Services – 50 

# of Products and Services Invoiced – 149

Jobber makes it incredibly easy to make a custom line item for a job or invoice.  The product and services you pushed over from QBO during your sync should be the products and services you choose from when creating a quote, job, or invoice.  Descriptions can be unique to the job but the actual line item name should stay consistent and how you would like it to appear in your reporting.

If you are adding a new product or service, add it to the service menu and use the line item search to help you find the correct line item for the work you are doing. 

Use Jobber with your bookkeeping in mind

The way you create an invoice an invoice in Jobber should be the way you would enter it in QBO.

If you have technicians doing invoicing in the field make sure they are trained on the way invoices are completed.  This should be just as important as the work they are doing in the field.  The office should not have to oversee everything they bill to make sure the line items are correct and the customer was billed correctly.

Clean up your accounts in QBO and Jobber before you sync.  If you have been using quickbooks since your first day in business, or haven’t looked in your products and services since you started in Jobber I guarantee there are a handful of line items in each that you know not to use.  Don’t push those over to Jobber or if they are in Jobber edit the product and service to remove it from the list of choices. 

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