Thanks For Booking!

Please take a look at some of the information below on how to get the most out of your strategy call.

Share Your Goals

Hopefully you filled out your Zoom questionnaire with as much detail as possible.  90 minutes goes by much faster than one would imagine and we can cram a lot of information into that single session.  

If you missed anything that you want to talk about in the form bring some notes to the meeting or send them to me by email at and I will make sure we cover it if time permits.

Don't Be Late!

You will receive a booking notification or link to your call.  Make sure it makes its way onto your calendar.  If you aren’t at the meeting I will try and reach out to see if you are having technical issues.  If you are experiencing issues please call me or send me an email to let me know so we can figure out how to handle the issue.

No shows aren’t cool, I am holding time for your call and I put a lot of prep into the strategy sessions. Being late is one thing but no shows will not be refunded or rescheduled. 

Screen Share & Recordings

My clients experience the highest return on investment when they give me real time examples of how they currently use Jobber or plan to use Jobber.  I will walk you through exactly what to do and how to do it so you have that muscle memory when it is time to do it again.  

Be prepared to share your screen and have it recorded so I can send it to you after the call.  Customer confidentiality is important, it is often best to have a Jobber Client set up for yourself or just a fake account to play around with during our call.  

Your recording will never be shared with anyone other than you and will be available within 48 hours of our meeting through Dropbox.  Your recording should be saved internally as I can only hold training sessions for a limited time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions that I get about Jobber and the services I provide to my clients.  If you have any questions on the services I offer please don’t hesitate to send me an email

Absolutely!  If you would like to book another hour to review your account or get your questions answered the cost of an additional hour is $80USD/hour and can be booked here

Video recordings will be sent via dropbox link within 48 hours of our session and should be saved internally as my storage is limited. 

Implementation of the action plan is the responsibility of the business owner and their team.

Prepaid hourly virtual assistance bundles are available to provide done with you implementation and temporary assistance to test and fine tune the processes being implemented. 

Once administration and processes have been streamlined your processes will be easy to manage in house or outsource if needed.

Company specific written/visual/video operating practices are available for an additional charge.  At your request I can provide all Jobber procedures for the workflows recommended during our call for both the desktop and app using visual step-by-step pdfs

Your success with my service is incredibly important to me. 

Your investment in hiring me is something I want to see utilized as much as you do.  To help you get things done,  I offer prepaid hourly virtual assitance bundles to get you caught up to where you can handle workload internally or outsource to a freelancer.

Assistance is billed out at $80 USD/hour 

The assistance I offer is temporary to ensure that the processes and recommendations will work for you and your business before we finish working together. 

After things are caught up and working for you the expecation is that the tasks be performed inhouse, remotely, or assigned to another VA.

I recommend searching the free Virtual Assistant and Freelancer Directory  at Home Service Pro VA.  All contractors listed on the directory are located in the US & Canada and pay to have their businesses verified as well as maintain their listing. 

I can help business owners with the following:

  • Initial Jobber setup & Implementation 
  • Jobber integration from existing CRM
  • Jobber training for individuals
  • Jobber group training
  • Training materials
  • Jobber audits & action plans
  • Jobber cleanups
  • Temporary Virtual Assistance
  • Mailchimp Templates
  • Graphic Design for print, web, or social media
  • WordPress web design services 

If you don’t see something on the list I likely have a recommendation for someone to help you reach your goals. 

Master The Jobber Workflow At Your Own Pace

Self Guided Jobber Training

This training is guaranteed to make you and your team more proficient with Jobber, minimize time spent on admin, increase lead conversion, and create loyal lifetime customers with Jobbers built in customer service tools and integrations.

Training includes:

  • Jobber Work Request

  • Jobber On-Site Assessments

  • Jobber Quotes

  • Jobber One-Off Jobs

  • Jobber Recurring Jobs

  • Jobber Communication Settings

  • Jobber Invoicing

  • Jobber Follow Ups

  • Jobber Reports

  • Jobber Scheduling

  • Jobber Routing

  • Jobber Timesheets

  • Jobber General Settings

  • Jobber Integrations

  • Jobber Forms